Wednesday, February 22, 2012

No snow? It's cool - we can skate!

We've been in our house for almost three years now. Other than sometimes dreaming about building a house together someday, we're completely content on North Baldwin Street. I think the whole building a house fantasy was brought on by my parent's recent endeavor in Oconomowoc as well as this cool project a few blocks from our house in Madison. It's good to have dreams, so for now, we'll let this one remain just that - a dream. In the meantime, we'll enjoy all our house has to offer, including an amazing spot for ice skating 2 blocks away. We walked to breakfast one morning last month and afterwards, wondered through a nearby thrift store. They happened to have skates in our sizes, so we bought them. Nate got the blades sharpened and the next weekend we headed to Tenney Park. No triple axels, but we had fun. Lou and Ries enjoyed the outing as well.

Taking this very seriously

Walking to Tenney Park
Lou first photo. Kidding of course. Georgia was with us

Something else our house has to offer is a sink that is perfect for Loubear bath time. She was a bit nervous at first since lately I've been taking baths with her in the real bathtub, but after some reassurance, she seemed very happy. We made her pose for these photos because someday, she's going to be glad she has a bathtub picture.

Laughing at Dad

My what big teeth you have, little girl

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