Friday, February 17, 2012

My Girls

It seemed that there was quite a while when toys were not that interesting to Louisa, but now they can entertain her for quite a while. One of her favorite activities seems to be tipping over a basket of toys and picking through them, one by one, often viewing each from different angles and eventually tasting each toy as well.

Here is a little video of play time today that includes a shot of Ries' new awesome haircut. (The word "awesome" is used with a heavy dose of sarcasm, for those of you who aren't sure how I feel about the shaved look)


  1. she is SO cute!! and getting so big pulling herself up on things! Ries' haircut is amazing! :)

  2. Awesome video! I especially enjoyed your tone of voice when describing Ries's haircut. And anything/everything Louisa did. Especially pulling herself up! I haven't seen that yet! She is SO mobile.


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