Sunday, August 9, 2020

The Great Wisconsin Adventure - Part 3

Day 9: The final full day of our trip was reserved for kayaking the Kickapoo River. It started off a bit chilly, but eventually the sun came out and as we realized that our lunch stop had put us behind schedule, we started paddling with more vigor, which warmed me right up. At one point early on in the five hour trip, we were wishing we had rented two kids kayaks so both girls could be on their own. But again, after we acknowledged the time crunch, neither Louisa nor Cora wanted to be in charge of fueling their own boat all the way to bridge 7. The tether that we thought we wouldn't use all the sudden came in very handy!

Our final night was spent at Wyalusing State Park, which is on the Mississippi River. We took a mountain bike ride through a very hilly and root-filled trail and mostly missed the sunset, but riding back in the dark (on a park road, thankfully) was a nice bonding experience as we cheered the kids up the hills and listened to the cicadas. And we managed to get a nice family photo to cap off a wonderful trip!


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