Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Alaska - Part 3: Kenai Fiords National Park

Although blogging about our time in Alaska three months after the trip was challenging, it has also been really nice to re-live the trip. Looking back through our pictures and picking the favorites to share here has helped me to fall back into vacation/exploration mode. In contrast to our trip to Disney World in October, I'm also reminded of my favorite types of trips. While I may complain about camping and being cold, these are the types of memories I want my kids to carry with them.

As we headed south again for our wildlife cruise out of Seward, we could see more smoke creeping from the north - this time from fires around Denali, which is crazy because during the first few days of our trip, we were hearing about tourists stranded by mudslides in there.
Quick! It's coming! Drive faster!

What an amazing blessing! During our cruise, we saw minimal signs of forest fires and plenty of amazing wildlife. We chose the 7.5-hour cruise, which took us out to the Gulf of Alaska and up into Aialik Bay. The crew was plenty forthcoming about the extent of sea sickness people commonly experience. There were plenty of naps had during the ride - likely because of the preventative dramamine that was taken by many. Louisa was the only one from our group to throw up, and as often happens, it helped her feel much better and allowed her to enjoy the rest of the cruise. 

It was really hard to not overload this post with photos, so bear with me...

Sea otter pelt
Thankful for Nate's eye that captures quintessential images, not just people
Steller sea lions basking in the sun
Make yourself heard! 
Baby sea lion on the left, hanging with a sea gull
Crazy climber mountain goat. Instead of food, it's finding safety from predators 
Majestic orcas were everywhere that day
Something so magical about them!
Puffins chillin' on the rocks... 
...gliding overhead...
Or swimming in the calm waters
A black bear and some kayakers
Just crazy beautiful
Should have pulled out the moose trick to get Peter to smile
Adorable sea otters
Alialik glacier is actively calving
Ice brought on board to make/sell margaritas. Also offered for ginger ale drinkers
Ice was calving every few seconds while we lingered at the glacier
Sucking on an ice berg
Cruising back to Seward 
Sisters staying warm

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