Monday, April 29, 2019

Louisa Jane, Age 8

Happy 8th birthday, Louisa! You have such a lovely heart. The confidence that was evident in you at an early age continues to carry you through life. This year, Dad and I have enjoyed watching you catch the reading bug. If you didn't have younger siblings that need more sleep than you, it would be hard to tell you to turn your light out at night. As someone who has a hard time getting sucked into a book, I really admire the way you can, and do. I think you get that admirable trait from your dad, who got it from his mom, your Oma!

This year on your birthday, we signed up for a mini-photoshoot with a photographer in Madison who asked Briar Loft to make flower crowns for mother/daughter mini-sessions. What a fun thing to do together (as the snow came down outside) the day before your birthday! Despite your love of all things silly, I was surprised to see that, in front of a stranger-photographer, you were a bit reserved. I'm afraid you get that from me!

You and Belle Mere make wonderful birthday twins. The sweet grey romper you're wearing in the photo below was part of your birthday gift from Belle and Papa. The other part was a white board, which you immediately used to draw a calendar. As I type, (a few month late, I'll admit) your white board says Notes to Self: 1) Write script 2) Practice piano. I adore how much you love calendars, lists and drawing/writing and I can't wait to see how these interests show up in your future career.

The gift with pink and gold paper near your cake is your first digital camera from Dad and me. Oh the joy it brought you! It's pretty clear that while you like toys, you really love grown up gifts. Speaking of grown up gifts, I don't know many 8-year olds that want a loom for their birthday. Oma has taught you all sorts of textile art skills and it's very cool to see you curled up in the brown chair in our living room either knitting or reading.

Oma's poppyseed angel food cake with lemon curd is still your favorite dessert. 

You're a gem, Lou Bear! I'm not totally sure how we got so lucky to have you as our firstborn. We're proud of you and we love you. Keep up your silliness and love of art, acting, music, reading, family, and friends.

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