Friday, March 2, 2018

Attic Upgrade

I'm still so surprised by how well I've been able to overlook the eyesores of unfinished work all this time. Surprised and proud, I guess, as a recovering perfectionist. Nate's big thing about these finishing touches is that after about 30 minutes of living with the improvement, we stop noticing it because it "looks the way it should look." I agree, although 1 week later, I still glance up towards the attic when I'm walking down to the main floor. And if I go up to the attic to do a little, I start to breath deeper before I've even laid my mat down, thankful that this tedious task is behind me. Next step, repainting the walls so there is more contrast between the Pearly White trim and the Modern Grey walls, although I'm not gonna lie - that is not high on my priority list right now. 

I hope these before and after shots help you breath a little deeper too. Namaste.


The attic is definitely a fun and relaxing place to be these days, as long as I avert my eyes from the storage room, which in in need of a big re-org. Or just a door. Actually tonight I sat on the couch and watched an entire movie (Toy Story) with the kids. Not once did I feel the urge to get up and organize. What did really distract me though was how beat up the trim of Andy's house is. This is a animated film, Pixar! Can't it just be perfect? I've seen the movie before and definitely did not notice the trim then. Apparently I'm extra sensitive after spending so much quality time with ours.

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