Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Things They Say, 47th Edition

I just got back from my HIIT class and there are dishes to be done and a house to tidy up, but I know that if I give into those temptations, I'll forget this sweet memory. So here I am, blogging while my house is messy! It's therapy, right? I was actually able to leave for work this morning after noticing the aftermath of a storm that tore through the girls' bedroom. I had to breath through that one, keeping myself from picking up before leaving.

So about what the kids said. We were eating dinner last night (apple & bacon pancakes) when the topic of conversation turned to having kids. I forget how we got there, but I had asked Cora who would have to have kids, to make Nate and me grandparents. She wasn't totally sure, and eventually we explained how we could become grandparents. Then the conversation took a turn:

Nate: I hope someday you all can have your own kids
Louisa: Yeah, I want to
Cora: I don't want to have kids because they're too silly for me

(fast forward 24 hours, to tonight at dinner (venison and veggie stir fry)

Cora: how do you not have kids?
Louisa [before we could think of what to say]: can't you take a medicine or something?
Nate: You don't have to worry about that now, because you have a long time to decide whether or not you want to have kids.

Wow, these minds are active! And birth control? How does Louisa know about birth control? Perhaps I should read through It's Not The Stork again and see if it mentioned it?

Life is fuller these days since Peter started preschool, but life is good. We were able to sneak in two ice skating outings last weekend, which the kids loved. The first outing was on Friday. It was just for us girls (pink jackets required :) and we got all the sunshine and clear ice. Saturday was still great, but it had snowed about 1 inch after they already opened the rink for the day. Nate, Peter and Papa joined us this time and then we all went out for dinner at Pasqual's!

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