Sunday, March 5, 2017

From the archives

This is a [random collection of four short stories] post I never finished:

Cora pushed Peter over the other day, making him land on his unpadded bottom. He was sad and came to me, asking for a hug-y. I asked Cora to say sorry and give him a hug, which she did, although without a lot of remorse. Next Peter said sorry to Cora and gave her a hug. I told him he only needed to say sorry if he did something mean to Cora, so he proceeded to push her, say sorry, and hug her. Too much.

The girls love music as much as Nate and I do, and yesterday in the car, we were only 10 seconds into the La La Land soundtrack, when Louisa requested a song that she had learned in school. Cora immediately interrupted her request saying, "No Wuwisa, I like La La Land!" I was amazed she could identify it, since she didn't see the movie and didn't seem to be that interested in the music. She then reminded me that she has seen the movie, "Remember, when Oma was over and we watched it on the computer?" Ah yes, at Peter's birthday party, Uncle Patrick played Jimmy Falon's La La Land/Golden Globe Awards spoof, which was written to the same tune as the opening song on the soundtrack. It's so fun watching little brains make connections like this!

Tonight, 40 minutes after we put the girls to bed, Cora (who had a nice long nap this afternoon) called out "Mom! I'm hot!" I told her to take off a layer and she replied "okay." Ten seconds later she asked, "Mom, what means take off a layer?" The understanding we take for granted!

Since I don't have photos directly related to any of these moments, maybe this is a good place to share some cute photos from a rare whole-family outing, to a $1 Wisconsin women's basketball game on February 18. They won the game, and the kids got to eat hot dogs. Win win, for them at least [insert smiley face]!

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