Tuesday, August 2, 2016

That What I Said

Yesterday at work I took a test. It was a 40 question, multiple choice exam designed to assess my competency as clinical dietitian. Thankfully I passed, although I'm told that it really would have been okay had I not passed...i.e. I wouldn't have lost my job or been demoted. But anyway, I'm glad it's over and this morning at breakfast, a cute conversation occured:

Nate: Lou, did you hear that mom passed her test? She was really nervous about it, but she did it!
Lou: Oh.
Me: Don't worry, you don't need to know or worry about what a test is yet
Lou: I already know what a test is. It's when you try something out to see if it works
(I didn't follow for a few seconds, but Nate obviously did)
Nate: You're right, that is one kind of test, but soon you're going to take tests at school where they ask you a lot of questions to see if you learned everything you were supposed to learn.

And then there is another conversation I've been meaning to record, this one highlighting my recently developed caffeine dependence:

Cora: Mom, let's read books
Me: Okay, we can, but first can I make some coffee?
(10 minutes later) Cora: moooommmmm, let's read books now
Me: Sorry Bean, I'm still working on making [aero press] coffee [with steamed, frothed milk]. It's a little bit more complicated now because the coffee maker is broken.
Cora: Or maybe you don't need coffee?

And last, a second Cora coversation that made us laugh. We were all in the car driving to Menard's together and passed cemetary:

Cora: Hey, that where you die!
Nate: Yeah, that's where they take you after you die to bury your body.
Cora: That what I said.

We can't wait for Peter to join the chorus of "the funny things kids say." These days, it's a little bit of "doggie" "sit" and "ball" and a lot of "dah" and "tsat."

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