Thursday, August 25, 2016

Peppercorn and Pearly White

Three or four weeks ago, a 4-man crew started our siding. They thought it would take 3 weeks, but fell a bit behind when the foreman lost his father to an illness he's battled for many years. We're totally happy with the quality of work and his work ethic and he only needs a couple more days to finish up! After that, my lawn and garden will be a blank canvas and I'm excited to pretty it up by growing new grass, planting perennials and building rock walls.

You'll notice the decorative pieces on the columns are not quite right. That's because after securing them with screws and caulk, the city inspector came by and told Nate he needed to use hurricane straps to secure them the porch floor and roof. The good news is that they are now secure and the inspector is satisfied. The bad news? Just that we have to scrape off old caulk and re-caulk. Could be worse, I guess!

All in all, the house is great! I found our real camera in the attic today, gave it a new battery, and snapped a few pictures to share with you here.

We recently got a new driveway too

Sometimes it looks too blue to me, but I'll get over it

Eventually we'll put in the permanent steps: treads to match the porch floor with white risers
Our neighbors also got a new driveway

The back door will be used a whole lot more once we get the deck installed

For good measure, a indoor photo. Many meals shared already and many more to come

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