Saturday, March 5, 2016

Let There Be Baths!

Today I was able to sneak over to the house and take a few more photos! Nate and my dad worked to get the tubs installed, setting them in concrete to give them more of a cast-iron feel. Tub install was one of the things on Nate's long "pre-drywall" list. He felt great about what he and my dad were able to get done today!

While the men were busy at the house, my sister, mom and I corralled the kids around, from Kids in the Rotunda, to lunch at home, then naps or park outing (depending on your age) and a visit to a friend's new wine shop in the Atwood neighborhood. We all came back together for some pizza at Glass Nickel before Sarah, Axel, Ollie, my mom and dad drove back to Oconomowoc for a good night's sleep. Lou, Cora and Peter loved seeing their cousins from D.C.

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