Saturday, August 29, 2015

Great Strides

All sorts of great strides are happening around here! The highlights:
  • Demolition of the fixer-upper is nearly complete (another video tour coming soon)
  • Louisa learned to ride a bike (video below)
  • Peter has found a new vantage point from which to enjoy life (video below)
  • Cora's vocab is in full bloom (I'll work on a video for this one)
About a month ago, Cora was still lovingly referring to Peter as "Der," refusing to add the "Pea" to the front, likely because we laughed every time she refused. Now we miss that nickname for our sweet pea, and the Amos Lee song I picked to go with Peter's sitting up video offered a nice little way to remember it.

In Lou's biking video, she is practicing at her new school - Lowell Elementary, where she'll soon join her fellow Lowell Lizards entering grades 4K through 5th grade. She met her 4K teacher, Mrs. Douglas yesterday and is excited to start school on September 2. She'll go Tuesday through Friday, from 11:30-2:30. The timing isn't amazing for our napping schedule, but we've already met a classmate named CiCi who lives across the street that we hope to walk-pool/carpool with!

Another highlight of late is the first few weeks with Helen, our new nanny. She is wonderful! Louisa and Cora love her because she lets them do crafts every day, Peter loves her because she feeds him sweet potatoes and other mushed-up concoctions, and I love her because she does an amazing job entertaining the kids while keeping up with laundry and dishes. I always come home to a calm, clean house, which is awesome. On that note, my new job is going well. I'm glad to be back at UW Health and the new hospital/clinic I'm working at is beautiful, with tons of natural light!

That's all for now...Cora's waking and Peter seems to be ready for nap #3!

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