Wednesday, July 29, 2015

More Thoughts on the Transition...

I've been trying to really reflect on the transition from two to three kids. After Peter was born, an old neighbor on Baldwin Street, who has two kids of her own, wrote this beautiful thought to me as a part of a congratulatory note that included a sweet invite to move back to Baldwin Street:

I like imagining that having three children is just deep immersion into chaos and the thickest kind of love. Enjoy all your moments.

I think I like it so much because it's not all lovely and sweet. The image it conjures in my mind is a bit messy, but also totally love filled. And perhaps even overwhelmed with love? As Peter approaches his 1/2 birthday - which is crazy, as baby birthdays always are - I feel like this statement perfectly describes life with three children.

I should say that right now, as I type, I'm feeling quite calm and sentimental because Louisa is at day camp, Cora is quietly lining clementines up on the kitchen counter, and Peter is sleeping. Of course life is not always so ordered and sweet, but for the most part, it's nearly impossible to imagine life before Peter. I do sometimes longingly watch mothers of one-child and feel a bit of nostalgia for that time in my life. Or even watch young, single friends make spontaneous, fun decisions, and sigh, wishing I could do that, too. But I love my children. You are all amazing in your own ways, and I wouldn't trade you for a million spontaneously fun outings. For these chaotic years, I'll just keep planning our outings ahead of time!

Here's a glimpse into some of our pre-planned outings. Clearly I need to take more photos of Peter. Sorry, Buster Brown, I'll work on that!

Belle's nail salon
Mask craft as a reading reward at the library

Rickshaw ride at the children's museum

Nate said I needed a selfie stick if I wanted to include all my kids

Cora said, "Beer!"

Concert on the Square with Oma

Art Cart at Vilas Park

The Henry Vilas Zoo

Donuts at the Farmers' Market

Breakfast at Stacks

Dress-up at Belle's

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