Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Let the Chaos Begin!

We own the house! Because the previous owner has a guardian, the sale of the house had to be approved by the court. We received news of the court approval on June 30 and closed the next day. My blood pressure must have been sky-high from the moment I heard the news, as I tried to calm a crabby two-year-old (who wanted to keep the plastic cell phone from the "busy box" at swimming lessons) while drying Louisa off and making phone calls to make sure we had our funds for closing in the right accounts. I don't even remember, but I bet Peter wanted to eat too. Now it's all a good memory - - we made it home for lunch and naps and then walked up to the capitol square to the bank to get a big 'ole cashier's check. Biggest purchase we'll ever make, I suspect!

A sweet friend, Betty, hung out with the girls and secured a spot on the capitol lawn for the concert on the square for later that night. My parents, aunt Judy and cousin Molly drove from Oconomowoc to enjoy the music, weather and food with us. What a way to celebrate!

Now the real work begins. Nate has been busy taking measurements and creating floor plans on Solid Works and we've started a Google Drive spreadsheet to keep track of our costs. Nate's attention to detail amazes me. He wants to mark spots on the floor plans for where our before and after photos are taken. I have to say, I love the idea but hadn't thought of being that precise!

Here are the existing floor plans:

And the proposed floor plans, still in the initial design phase, so likely to change again:

Thanks for your excitement and support as we embark on this project! We're happy to accept feedback, if you see things we haven't considered. Next step: prepare plans that will satisfy the city, so we can obtain our permits and start the demolition!

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