Sunday, September 29, 2013

Thankfulness & Laughter

It's not quite thanksgiving, but today when I was running, I felt the urge to jot down things I'm thankful for, or at least things that have made me laugh recently. First, the laughables:

  • After facetiming with Nate tonight (who is in AZ for ultimate), Lou asks me, "Daddy playing frisbee in China?"
  • Cora's "smile, then nuzzle" - her favorite way to interact with strangers or friends alike when I'm holding her
  • Bullying (yes, a serious subject) Stops Here! - Cora's first anklet

And the thankfuls:
  • My neighbor Tara and her 8 year-old daughter, who took Lou to their synagogue today while I did my 10.88 mile run with Cora
  • How nicely Cora sat in the stroller for 10.5 mile runs today and last Saturday
  • Friends in VA who sent a birthday card, and, after sending a text to say thank you, announced they're pregnant with their 2nd baby
  • Whole Foods workers who are willing to carry your groceries out and even load them in the car
  • How Lou returned extra Cora clothes and burp rags to Cora's drawers after I told her that Cora was going for a run with Mom while Lou went to synagogue with the neighbors (so Cora's things were not necessary in her backpack). Not only did she put things in the right drawers, she laid the burp rags flat
  • A last minute birthday-eve invitation to 9 wonderful friends resulting in a perfect evening of wine, chocolate decadence and humbolt fog with 3 of them

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