Monday, April 22, 2013

Cora Towa

Our littlest girl is 11 days old. Lou is adjusting well, although Opa/Oba/Ova (Marcia) left yesterday and before she arrived, Belle (my mom) was here for 11 days, so we'll see how things shake out without all the extra attention.

Louisa has a special voice and facial expression for her conversations with Cora that I hope to capture in a video sometime soon. It's sort of a puppy-eyed/I-have-pitty-on-you sort of thing as she greets Cora, saying "Baby" or "Towa."

Nate and I both separately observed our lack of connection with Cora in her early days. We were so used to having a child that would laugh or smile, say "a da" or "no", bring books or make pretend snacks/meals for us. Then along comes this beautiful child. We name her, but the connection to her name is still loose in our minds. And as we introduce her to our friends and family, we feel that we hardly even know her ourselves. It was and still is an interesting process of bonding and at first I think we both felt guilty. But discovering that we both felt this way helped us realize that it must be very normal. And of course, the bonding has continued and we (already) love her more than we can comprehend...even at 1 o'clock in the morning.


  1. Oh she's so sweet! Your post reminds me of a time when Henry was about 2 weeks old. We'd flown out to Arizona (!) for my brother's wedding. In between the ceremony and reception there was a little cocktail/snack thing. Some undoubtedly trustworthy relative or friend (I can't remember who now) had asked to carry Henry around, so off he went. When it was time to go into the reception I found William and Greg and said, 'Okay, let's go.' Greg said to me, "Where's Henry?" Eek! I had a momentary panic/guilty mom feeling as I realized I'd completely forgotten we were a family of four now!

  2. What a cutie! I love all that dark hair. It seems like she's already getting a distinctive look to her, and not just "adorable baby look" :)


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