Monday, May 9, 2011

Louisa Jane is here!

Just thinking about her new world

She can wink better than her mom!

For our mothers (Belle Mere and Oma)

On Friday, April 29, Louisa Jane Bosscher officially joined our family. She knew who she was and when she'd arrive for the past 9 months of course, but everything was a surprise to us! My water broke early in the morning on my exact due date, and about 29 hours later, she made her grand entrance at 8 lb 1 oz and 20 inches.

My labor was long and difficult, but I had an amazing team helping me out throughout the whole delivery - Nate, 2 doulas, various nurses, and my actual doctor that I met with throughout my pregnancy. My goal was to do it without pain meds, and I was only successful in this because of these people. And as the days pass, I remember less and less of it and fall more and more in love with little Louisa.

She is doing very well - eating like a little piglet every 2-3 hours and sleeping enough at night to allow us some rest. We have already visited with our lactation consultant though, because she is quite the spitter. During the appointment, Louisa managed to get 1.2 ounces of milk in less than 2 minutes. At that point in her development, her stomach capacity was about 1.8 ounces, so some quick math tells us she was getting A LOT of milk in her 15-20 minute feedings. We're developing better techniques, but as of today, the spit up keeps us on our toes still! Needless to say, our washing machine is getting extra business these days.

Louisa and Ries are getting along great. Before Louisa came, Ries had to stay home alone all day. I am taking 12 weeks off from work though, so I think Ries actually likes the new addition because it means she is less lonely. Well, that is what she would think if dogs were capable of making connections like that!

Ries the protector (although Louisa means "famous warrior")

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