Monday, September 15, 2008

First Project Trip

It's been three weeks since we arrived, and today I'm leaving for my first project trip.  We're headed up to Luwero, about two hours north of Kampala to work on a project for the organization Sufficiency of Scripture (SOS).  We'll be there until next Monday.  I'm going to be working on some electrical, some civil, and some graphic design tasks.  I'll try to keep a journal of sorts while I'm there and post it on the blog when we get back.  I should be able to add a lot more pictures.

Since Alicia is staying in Kampala this week, she needed to learn how to drive the Land Rover.  On Saturday, her first time driving, she drove back from Entebbe (30 miles south of Kampala) in heavy Saturday evening traffic.  She picked up Ugandan driving amazingly quickly!  Better than I did.

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