Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Winter(ish) Biking

Biking along on the tag-along bike, Peter says, "the problem with biking is that it's cold, but the problem with cars is that they warm the earth." I just love this kid. The funny thing is that considering the weather lately, his comment fits. When we were biking this morning, it was about 35 and gorgeously sunny. I wouldn't call 35 warm, especially with the brisk breeze created by my speedy e-bike, BUT, it has definitely felt like a "warming planet" winter so far.

On our way home (we were meeting some friends for a before school pastry stop), he made me laugh again. "Peter," I said, "help me up this hill!" "I am," he said. Pause. "Am I? Am I going the right way?" He has been known to pedal backwards on the tag along.

As much as I am looking forward to next year when the kids are all in full-time school at Lowell, I will miss these sweet one-on-one moments. Before taking the selfie below, he protested, saying "we can just tell Louisa, Cora and Dad about this." I convinced him, explaining that I wanted to have a picture to remember this by (and to post on our blog)!

New shades that Mary gave Peter for Christmas
The tag-along set up

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