Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Hooray for School!

Well, there went the summer! School started yesterday and we're all relieved for the routine that school days bring. I left my job at UW Health back in June, and a couple of days later started working for our church as the Communications Coordinator - about 10 hours per week, from home. During the summer, there were many nice things about this new job. For one, we didn't need much childcare for the kids. I also enjoy the work since it's mostly about getting things organized (volunteers, directory, visitors). The one down side was that I forgot how challenging it is for me to have a "to-do" list and not be able to check things off ASAP. So that meant I was constantly trying to "be present" with my kids, but also feeling this strong pull to take care of my work tasks. If summer was eternal, I would have had to figure out a better solution. But thankfully by the time I was at my wits ends (or staying up until 11:30 pm working), I realized that things were about to change. Enter full-day kindergarten & 2nd grade, 3 days of preschool, and Mary! Hallelujah!

Mary had to be in our first day of school picture since she started her grad classes this week
Mary moved to Madison after graduating from Calvin College for grad school. She is going to be a music ministry intern at Geneva Campus Church and was looking for a low-cost place to live. Mary moved in with us three weeks ago and so far it's been WONDERFUL. She is a very easy house guest - quiet, tidy and eager to help with the kids, dishes and cleaning. She also makes our dinner conversations more interesting and fun, since she doesn't just tell bad knock-knock jokes. Welcome. Mary!

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