Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Tomorrow Tomorrow, La La La

Tomorrow is going to be great. I do like birthdays - and tomorrow is my birthday - but that is not the main reason I'm excited for tomorrow. I also like sunny days and 70 degree weather in September. But I have an even better reason to be excited for tomorrow. NATE IS COMING HOME! He's been gone for 9 days, and while I don't feel like we've been drowning without him, I do feel completely exhausted. And it could be in my imagination, but I think the last time I had bags under my eyes like this was when I brought a newborn home from the hospital.

I cannot imagine how a single mom does this child raising thing. To be on call 24/7 is just too hard. And even though Nate's been away, I have not been on-call 24/7, maybe just 24/5. I've had so much help, thanks to Marcia, Helen, Anna, Sarah, Ariyl, Bethany and Melissa. Thank you ladies, you're the best!

I also can't imagine how a single mom does it when kids don't sleep well. My kids sleep well, thank you, God. How ridiculous of me to be annoyed when Louisa woke up at 6 this morning, saying Mom. Mom. Mommmmmm. I can't go back to sleep. It could be so much worse, is what I would tell myself if I'd have been in the mood to rationalize. Normally Helen comes at 7:30 am, but on the days I had to work while Nate was gone, I asked her to come at 7 instead. She happily obliged. I really don't know what I would do without you, Helen.

The biggest challenge the past few mornings was peeling Cora off me so I could get Louisa to school in time. Cora has never been too sad to see me go, but recently it's been much harder for her, thanks to pre-school, being three years old, and dropping her nap. Normally Nate takes Lou to school, so hopefully it will get easier for Cora once we're back to that routine. A co-worker who doesn't have kids asked me a really insightful question yesterday. She asked if Cora was having more trouble since my work schedule switched to 3 days in a row on, then the next 4 days off. Absolutely. I'm still baffled by her insight.

The only good thing about Nate being gone is that I go to bed earlier. Actually maybe there are three good things. We can eat lots of fish for dinner and we don't go through ice cream as quickly. But I'm willing to sacrifice sleep, fish and ice cream in exchange for you, Nate! Traveling mercies. We'll see you tomorrow.

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