Thursday, June 9, 2016

And The Winner Is...

Carrara marble! We didn't see anything we loved last weekend (except expensive Super White quartzite), but then the kind woman from Stone Design in Milwaukee emailed me this photo. She thought it was still on a boat, making it's way from Italy to Indiana, with a hugely variable arrival date. Nate and I decided that living with plywood countertops for a little while wouldn't be so bad, but then SURPRISE! an hour later she emailed to say that it actually was on land, not sea, in Indiana.

This is actually a mirror to the slab we'll use. This one is also polished, whereas we'll have ours honed for a matte look. There is a small crack at the bottom, but that will be cut out, still leaving a rectangle large enough for our bathroom vanity, where it will complement the 3 inch marble hexagon tile on the floor. Excited!

Carrara Marble Hexagon Mosaic Tile
Hexagon tiles for the floor of the master bathroom

Here is an example of honed carrara marble:

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