Saturday, April 25, 2015

Photo Blast

Since you voluntarily visit our blog (as opposed to Facebook, where someone might not come seeking photos of me or my children, in particular) I feel like it's okay to post a bunch of cute photos once in a while. And since this is my second blog post today, I don't have much to say, except to explain in captions why these photos feel worthy of a photo blast.

Actually, I should say (since this is my first post since Nate went back to work) that life with three is way better than I expected. We're in a routine and I'm not making very elaborate meals. It also helps that Peter loves his pacifier and is a pretty easy-going 10 week old. Knowing that he likely will be my final little baby, I'm able to appreciate his sweet cuddles...slowing down to study his eye color and encourage him to smile. You are loved, little Peter boy.

He's a big boy...weighing in at 14 lb 7 oz at 2 months
Helping mom with the laundry
Peter's interpretation of tummy time, under a blanket from Grandma Joanie
Smiles in an 9-month sized outfit from Aunt Grace
Roses from Karen's garden, shared for our Easter dinner
A lovely latte I enjoyed last week when Nelly was with the kids
She thought you could just put stickers on the paper for fun, without earning them
Looking like a big girl with her new haircut
Cora prefers hats to hair clips and ponytails to keep her hair out of her face
The Dollar Tree mermaid lost an arm, but Louisa had a quick fix

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  1. Cora's haircut is so sweet and Peter is getting so big & handsome. And I love the sticker chart with the spot for "being gentle with Peter". :) Your pictures from Tahoe are great too. We need to go one of these days and I was thinking I wanted to wait til it got a bit warmer, but now I'm not so sure. It looks beautiful in the cold too!


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