Sunday, January 11, 2015

Say Anything: Pregnancy Edition

My pregnancy app, The Bump, encourages me to take weekly belly photos. On Tuesday, number 37 is due and guess how many I have in my gallery? Two. Whoops. So in hopes of keeping some memories from this pregnancy, here are some things people, mostly strangers of course, have said to me over the past month:
  • A woman talking with my neighbor, after my neighbor says Isn't she big?When are you due? Oh wow, 7 weeks is a long time!
  • Louisa: Mom, your tummy is like a chair
  • The rental car attendant, after telling me where to pick up my car (maybe 10 spots down the isle): Actually, you wait right here, I'll get it. It's so far down
  • Another rental car worker: Can I help you? Wait, first, how you are you feeling? You must be having a boy. I have 3 boys and my wife looked like you every she had a football in there
  • A 3-year-old girl in Lou's class: Why is your mom's tummy so big? Why does she eat so much food?
  • A 30-year old construction worker, this morning on the street, beaming: Congratulations!
  • A 70-year old woman (with yellow teeth spotted with lipstick) at Whole Foods: You're having a girl, aren't you? I had 3, actually 4...all boys. Congratulations. Have a wonderful life
I'll blame the camera function in the app for this low-quality photo, because that big pink phone is supposed to have a great camera, right Nate?!

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  1. I like Elizabeths experience at Old Navy. To the clerk she says, "Hi, do you guys have any maternity clothes?" . To which he replied, "No. but there is a section in the back for pregnant women." Umm...


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