Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Goose is Getting Fat

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in San Diego with my mom's side of the family. The Mazda car did great on the road trip, although Nate wishes it had more power. In good 'ole 3-year old fashion, Louisa managed to initiate some great Thanksgiving table conversation, asking, how did the turkey die?

Because Thanksgiving was so late, we decided to get a mini-tree from Home Depot this year instead of going to the Santa Cruz mountains and chopping down a big one, as we have in years past. I feel a little bit unfulfilled when I look at our tiny tree with unevenly hung ornaments, but I'm just trying to remember that it's good to let some things go.

I guess when I feel disappointed by the tree, it helps to look at the mantel, where our new Christmas stockings hang! I love them so much. I made three...all slightly different, and let Louisa and Cora pick theirs, leaving the last one for the new baby. I was surprised that they left my favorite for him. I bought a pattern to get a consistent stocking shape, but ended up turning to a sewing blog for help adding a lining. The perfectionist in me knows that someday, someone is going to look inside their stocking, so a lining was a must!

Cora puts the tree's size into context nicely


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