Friday, July 18, 2014

Dentist Saga

In early June, Nate said he thought we should take Louisa to the dentist because of some dark spots in her teeth. I knew that when it comes to dentist appointments for kids, the earlier the better, but I still felt like yearly visits starting at age two were overkill. After all, she got a healthy report at her visit at 22 months.

So after I got over the shock of Nate suggesting that anyone go to the dentist (he hates going himself), I promptly compared our in-network options to Yelp reviews and scheduled a Saturday appointment with a pediatric dentist. Nate and Louisa went together and they returned home with stickers, prizes from the treasure chest and corn dogs and french fries from Wienerschnitzel. Louisa was perfectly happy, but Nate whispered, with wide eyes, she has six cavities. SIX CAVITIES? I must have shouted. I was instantly so ashamed, nervous, extra-sick-to-my-stomach. But I'm a dietitian, I thought. My kids aren't supposed to have cavities!

Once the shock wore off and Nate reassured me that it likely didn't relate to candy, juice or poor brushing habits (they simply blamed "deep pockets"), I contacted the dentist for the treatment plan:

Yes, lots of details, but my stomach really flipped when I saw the work "SEDATION" and the total patient portion of $585.00. Really? I thought we had good insurance! This paired with the fact that Nate said the dentist was not at all patient with Louisa made me want a second opinion. Generally I'm a fairly trusting person; I don't know that I've ever sought a second opinion for myself or my kids, but I had to go with my instincts on this one.

Result? Amazing! I took Lou to my dentist (family, but not specifically pediatric) and they were incredible with her. They only found two cavities, made Louisa LOVE the dentist, and already filled one cavity without sedatives or tears. She'll have the other cavity filled next week and I can't wait to write a Yelp review.

Ah, I'm so glad we're on this side of this one.

p.s. I was nervous about agreeing to silver filings (cheeper, faster, better…), but the first one is hardly noticeable, and Louisa is proud of her new "star" in her mouth.


  1. You're right in getting a second opinion. You would have never known the difference between the two if you didn't try, right? At least with the second dentist, you found a more affordable option, and that Louisa loved the appointment, instead of being sedated. You don't want to be under sedation on those dentist trips, as those are usually major procedures, something that kids should undergo sporadically. Take care!

    Weston Wadlington @ Peak Family Dentistry

  2. William had a cavity at age three and Henry has/had two, right in his two top front teeth! I also felt like a less than stellar parent because of it and was also assured that it wasn't because of anything we were doing or not doing. I took Henry to three different dentists in the U.S. trying to get them filled (with only minor success... he needs sedation they say to do it right)... of the three, one was family, two were pediatric and hands down the best of the three in interacting with children (and in patiently explaining things to me) was the family dentist.

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