Friday, April 4, 2014

A day at the Spa

Thank goodness for those little stickers they put in the upper-right corner of your windshield when they change your oil. Without them, I would probably go two years between changes, always thinking, it was just last month that I took the car in, right? Right. Yesterday while out running errands with Cora and Lou, I happened to glance up and notice we were about 2,000 miles overdue. Whoops.

So this morning I drove to Jiffy Lube and sat in the concrete waiting room drinking coffee with CoffeeMate while reading Parenting Magazine. I read a blurb about a woman who went to the dentist by herself and for most of the appointment, she really thought (imagined? wished? hoped?) she was at a spa. At first I rolled my eyes, but then I realized that I could totally relate. I was at Jiffy Lube drinking bad coffee without frothed milk, yet thankful to be alone. I might begin to worry that something is wrong with me if I find comfort in such situations, lest the mom at the dentist story which gave me comfort. These exhausting-yet-boring days of motherhood are often enough interspersed with relaxing-yet-stimiluating days. Here's to balance! Here's to stumbling upon other moms who admit that going to the dentist is a treat!

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