Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Zero to Six in Three and a Half

Last Thursday was a big day. My mom hosted all six of her grandchildren in her cozy, tidy row house near Eastern Market in Washington, D.C. The stars had to align perfectly, so to speak, for this event to occur:
  1. Alex Luke Langenkamp had to be born on Tuesday so that he could come home from the hospital by Thursday morning.  
  2. John Paul's Thursday night flight had to be canceled so that he, Grace, Cohen and Marin could make the 1 hour 15 minute drive from Patuxent River, MD for dinner. 
  3. There had to be bitter, bitter cold weather in Chicago so that we could postpone our trip home by one week. 
The icing on the cake would have been having Matthew, my dad and Nate with us for our Thursday night grandchild extravaganza, but we were thankful for plain 'ole cake this time around!

While Sarah was in the hospital, Louisa and Oliver had some quality cousin time:

A visit to GW Hospital to meet Axel
A brief visit with Matthew the day we arrived, before he flew back to San Diego
Belle and the newest two
All six, under the age of 3.5, with their Belle Mere

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  1. Oh, what fun! Love seeing your mom with all these sweeties!


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