Sunday, October 13, 2013

Filling our bellies. filling our days

In early September, I took on a part-time job totally unrelated to nutrition. One, two or three mornings per week (depending on the week), I'm in charge of childcare for two ministries at a nearby church: MOPs (mothers of preschoolers) and WBS (women's bible study). It's so awesome that this church is big enough to offer childcare during the programming and I've been having fun taking care of all the little details. I plan curriculum (on Thursday the kids glued cotton balls to a picture of a mountain after reading a story about Moses), request/organize/deliver supplies, hire staff to work in the rooms, and make sure the fancy check-in computers are working right. I also get to sign timecards and log staff hours in a Google document. Ah, organization. I love it.

Another great part of the job is that I get to participate in the MOPS meeting and Bible study and Louisa and Cora get to glue cotton balls to mountains. Well, there is actually no craft in the infant room, but you get the idea. Although its challenging to get out of the house with both girls by 8 o'clock, I think I may miss "our" job come December 11. That will be my last day because the programs break for Christmas and when everyone reconvenes in 2014, Cassie, my friend who normally does this job, will return from maternity leave. Thankfully we'll still attend MOPS and WBS, but just won't be in charge of all the little details.

Louisa's exposure to a school-type setting has been so good too. Last year she would start crying when we drove into the church parking lot for MOPS. This year I can motivate her to finish her breakfast and get out of the house by telling her that we're going to MOPS. She loves her "tee-chairs" and likes to bring crafts home to "show daddy." Cora does well too. Although she is only 6-months old, I'm hoping that the lack of stranger-danger thus far is a good sign for the future.

Speaking of 6 months: baby food! Cora has tried sweet potato, banana, applesauce, cream of wheat, plain yogurt and mashed potatoes. The last three in this list were minuscule amounts because I was doubting myself that it's okay to give a 6-month old small amounts of cooked milk or yogurt. Since then, I checked. It is okay as long as you don't have a history of dairy allergies (in which case you need only wait until 12 months). It's not clean nor is it fast, but feeding Cora food is fun and she seems to be interested!

Here mom, let me help

A very serious occasion... 

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