Thursday, July 11, 2013

Two in April, Two in June

I'm a bit disappointed in my June blogging record. Two posts? Really? So despite the fact that it's already July 11th, I'm going to make an effort to beat last month's correspondence. I can't even blame the fact that we were in Wisconsin because we didn't leave California until June 29.

To kick things off, I sat down tonight to post my favorite pictures from our trip to Madison and Oconomowoc last week. There are too many, so I'll break it down. Today: Madison memories. It was a fantastic trip. Cora and Wren met each other and others for the first time and Louisa picked up right where she left off with her aunts and Oma. I'd even go so far as to say she developed quite an affection for Uncle Andrew, who used to be scary because of his beard. After reading Emote time and time again over the past year and then playing with Auntie Anne's homemade playdough last week, they've bonded.

The picture below of Cora and Emmett is one-fifth of the whole baby story. We met five semi-newborns last week: Zera Cizek, Wren Ooms, Emmett Doran, Cordelia Both and Lennon Hampton. I'd say Madison is a fertile place, but half of the babes, including Cora, were born elsewhere. What a fun time in our lives!

Lou and Aunt Georgia

A da! (What you say when you don't know the word for something)

Recommendation: drink wine while you breastfeed

My favorite part of vacation: lazy mornings and extra diaper help from Nate
Sweet girls

Cora and Emmett

I love our generation of involved fathers

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