Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Run along with me

We recently celebrated our one-year anniversary of moving to California. In a really good way, it feels like we've been here way longer. Nate has a year under his belt at Apple, which is awesome because not only is he deep in a project that he's excited about, he also has a better sense of when it's okay to leave a bit early to spend time with his girls!

Thankfully, my post-partum overload also seems so long ago. I've been working on Tuesdays for the past four weeks and just last week, I started a semi-serious training schedule for the Santa Rosa 1/2 Marathon. It feels SO GOOD to have some structure to my week, not to mention some sweat-inducing exercise.

What else has helped me feel normal again? So many things, including sweet Cora's new habits (smiling more, crying less and sleeping through the night), our great nanny Nelly, Nate's new work-from-home set-up and raspberry season. It's also exciting knowing that before the year is out, I'll be an aunt to another Debbink and another Langenkamp!

My blogging buddy, cooing as I type

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