Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas!

It's been a lovely, white Christmas in Wisconsin.  We arrived on Saturday night after two uneventful flights with a happy but squirmy 20-month old on our laps. A plastic candy cane full of Reese's Pieces and other treasures packed in her zebra backpack brought happiness to Louisa during our day of travel.

The other baby is growing well and enjoying the sweets that Christmas has to offer. Cousins Baby Bosscher (26 weeks) and Baby Ooms (31 weeks) did lots of leaping for joy in each others' presence. Ugh! Writing that just made me realize that we never took a belly-specific picture! Sad because we won't see each other again before the babies are born. Sad.

With our families living only 1-hour apart, we've been able to spend a few days with each and even brought them all together for a nice Christmas-Eve dinner. Ries has even enjoyed the vacation, visiting with Kip in Madison and Caesar and Cleo in Oconomowoc. She absolutely prefers to sleep with my parents in Oconomowoc and with Marcia in Madison.  Fine with me! :)

Tonight we'll head to Chicago for Nate's extended family's gathering and New Year's Eve should be a relaxing evening with friends in Madison.

Peace and love to you this week and always!

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