Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Last year Louisa "dressed up" as a ladybug (thanks, TJMaxx), but it was more of a warm, cute outfit and less of a costume, and she didn't go trick-or-treating.  This year, with a little time on my hands, I decided to make a costume. My trip back to Wisconsin had excellent timing, because 8-days pre-Halloween, I realized the pattern was more complicated than I thought.  Marcia, Nate's mom, was a HUGE help interpreting directions for the chef's hat and sewing the collar and cuffs on the jacket. Thanks to her enthusiasm and sewing skills, the costume was ready for yesterday's big events!

We met Nate's cousin's wife in Los Altos for "downtown trick-or-treat" in the afternoon before meeting up with friends - Heather, Shawn, Jacob and Charlotte - for pizza, salad and nighttime trick-or-treating. Who knew that people give king-sized candy bars to toddlers?! Nate and I were grateful. Louisa caught on very quickly, eagerly marching up to doors, knocking on the door (with a flat palm) and reaching in candy bowls like it was her job. Thankfully Jacob was along to say the obligatory, "trick-or-treat" and "thank you." Fun day!

Jacob, Heather, Charlotte, me and Louisa.  Nice face, Loubear.

Ries got to be in the family photo because it was her 4th/28th birthday

Meanwhile, back at our house, I was conducting a grand experiment. I had thought about buying candy, but felt too cheap when I actually had the opportunity. Besides, I knew we wouldn't be home and hated the thought of greedy teenagers taking the whole bowl. After getting a little bit of gut rot after Lou's afternoon treat collecting, I decided to offer something healthy (and free) to the ghosts and goblins in our neighborhood. Another reason for my late opt-in was the guilt I was feeling this week leading up to Halloween. Most of our neighbors had elaborate decorations and the thought of being that dark, scrooge-like house was not appealing.  SO, I took a ladder out to our bountiful apple treses, carved a pumpkin with Nate's power-drill and made a quick sign to encourage people to take the apples.  LO AND BEHOLD...all of the apples were gone when we got home at 8:45! Success. My dad thinks all the parents made the kids take an apple each, but I like to think that people wanted something to balance out all that sugar :)


  1. A great little costume! Louisa reminds me so much of Henry right now.

  2. Loubear, I LOVE your costume! Happy birthday, Ries! Miss you all!


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