Monday, March 5, 2012

I love Mondays

My new work schedule leaves me with a 4-day weekend.  I thought I would miss the mid-week break (having Wednesdays off), but so far, I'm enjoying life as much, if not more, than I was before. Today has been so nice, so I thought I'd write about it.

7:15 am: wake up to what I think are little calls from Lou's adjacent room.  Listen. Maybe not?
7:20: I was imagining her little calls.  I decide to go to the bathroom
7:21: Now she's really awake.  Open Lou's door and find a sleepy, stuffy-nosed, but happy girl
7:25: If anyone else is awake, Ries insists that she must go outside right away.  Nate takes her out
7:25: Lou gets breakfast in (my) bed.  She is happily nursing at least 4 times per day
7:55: Run, literally, Ries to the vet clinic down the street for her first ever teeth cleaning. Good-bye bad breath
8:25: Lou plays, Nate and Georgia pack their lunches and head out for the day
8:30: Lou eats orange pieces in her high-chair while I vacuum.  I love a clean house
9:00: Lou and I take a bath.  She is nervous about the water and clings to me, but then happily relaxes
9:30: Warm, comfy outfits - one for Lou and one for me.  Later I realize we match again - pink and brown
9:45: Secure top of the stairs gate, gather dirty laundry, make our bed, change Lou's crib sheet - Lou explores
9:55: Lou's second breakfast in bed.  Lou sleeps.
10:00...11:00...12:23...Lou is still sleeping.  I clean, eat breakfast, make a latte, read my new book Bringing Up Bebe by the fire, fold laundry, check email, blog.  What a nice day.
12:28: She's awake.  Great 2 1/2 hour nap, Loubear!


  1. I love the snapshot of your morning. Are you loving Thursdays too?

  2. how is bringing up bebe? i heard lots of reviews awhile back and it sounded like a good book to read sometime. let me know what you think!


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