Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tasty Little Cheerios

It's funny being a mom and a dietitian. Every time Lou eats, it seems like an opportunity to put everything I've learned about infant feeding into practice. But the funny thing is that other than picking out what she eats and staying calm and positive while she eats it, I'm actually not practicing anything...she's doing it all. The first day I gave her Cheerios, Nate found his newest hobby: giving Loubear cheerios. That's sort of a joke, but sort of not. He does seem to get lots of joy out of watching her focus so hard on those little dissolvable, multigrain o's. And it's not that I don't experience that same joy, it's just the dietitian on my shoulder is saying, "aren't those just processed carbohydrates? couldn't you do better?" But then the mom part of me chimes in and quiets that orthorexic voice saying, "she likes 'em, Nate loves giving them to her, she still gets 99% of her nutrition from breast milk anyways..."

(sorry about sideways filming half-way through the video...I need to remember to start it horizontally in the first place!)

Lou's newest menu items include apple-squash-oat combo meal and turkey-potato-thanksgiving puree. As long as she's hungry, she pretty much likes anything we give her. If she is tired when eating, she will grab the spoon, getting food all over her little fists, and then rub her eyes. That's always fun. I should know better than to try feeding her when she's tired. Loubear, you're my favorite :)

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  1. Now I know what orthorexic means. :) I had never heard that before.

    She is adorable. See you in 3 weeks!


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