Saturday, October 8, 2011

Gorgeous Fall

The beautiful weather this week gave us a chance to spend lots of time outside.  The sun brightens the already beautiful red, yellow and orange trees lining the streets in Madison.  Gorgeous!  Like most things placed before a 5 month old baby, these multi-colored leaves went right in Louisa's mouth.  Let's just say I'm testing out the "hygiene hypothesis" - that the uptick in food allergies is due to babies being raised in ultra-sanitary environments.

Photo shoot in the front yard

A beautiful quilt made by our friend Deb

Sorry if this grosses you out.  I have to embrace Lou's skills, otherwise I spend too much time researching how to make the spitting up stop.

Louisa brings so much joy to our lives.  She's happy most days and saves quite a few smiles for Nate and Georgia each evening.  I'm still thankful for my part-time job - it really makes me appreciate my time with Lou on my days off.  On my most recent day off, we went pumpkin picking!  Louisa enjoyed the pumpkins, but found the small gourds a bit easier to handle.  She spent at least an hour "chewing" on this gourd yesterday.

"This is the one, Mom"

"Or this one.  I like the dirt on it"

You carry the one you pick

Finally, one with a nice handle

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  1. Personally, I love shot #3. :) It made me think, "Wow! That cousin of mine sure is quick with a camera" :)


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