Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Five Months Already?

Tomorrow Louisa will be five months old!  Time has been passing quickly, but not so fast that it feels like a blur.  Since returning to work, I've felt so at peace with life.  I look forward to working, but by the end of a working day, I am so excited to stay home with Louisa the next day.  I compare it to coming home from school on a Friday or finding out early that your next school day has been declared a snow day.

This past weekend was the annual Porcupine Mountain camping trip.  Lou was a natural hiker - taking in the fall colors until the steady bounce of my step lulled her to sleep.  We're not a "family bed" family, but did have to become one for the two nights in the porkies.  Louisa slept next to me on my bunk.  The benefit of the arrangement was that when she woke up in the middle of the night, my magic milk silenced her fuss instantly.  The downside was that I didn't sleep much at all.  That's fine though, because I probably have gotten 100% more sleep over the past 5 months than the average new mom.  Louisa continues to be a champion sleeper most nights.

M&M Loubear?
Gotta get those naps in sometime
Ries still gets a fair amount of love
Bundled up for the hike.  It took a lot to not buy the pink snow suit

Lookin' snug as a bug in a rug
Our family

Another event worth mentioning is the completion of my first triathlon!  I intended to sign up for the Devil's Lake Triathlon last September, but my fear of swimming in a straight line as fast as I could and the discovery of a tiny baby growing inside gave me all the excuses necessary.  So this year, Louisa had made her exit and I convinced myself that I surely would not drown swimming 1/4 mile, so I signed up!  Nate was in Minneapolis for an ultimate frisbee tournament, so my wonderful friend Laura woke up extra early to come to Baraboo with me and Lou.  I'm glad I did the race for many reasons, but mostly because it made running events feel so pure and simple....there is just too much gear required!  I will probably do another triathlon next summer, but I didn't fall head over heals with the challenge.  Next challenge: 1/2 marathon in early November.

Nate asked if I was going to blog about my birthday that is tomorrow.  I said no, because I truly did not intend to, but now I feel like I should just because he was so silly to suggest it.  So it's my GOLDEN BIRTHDAY!  I've been waiting 29 years for this!  I hope Nate didn't buy me too much gold.  I've heard it's expensive right now and I'm really more of a silver or white gold kind of gal.  Anyway, it will be fun to share my 29th birthday with Louisa's fifth month birthday :)

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