Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Geneva Turns One!

Our good friends, Adrienne and Paul, happened to be visiting Wisconsin on their daughter's first birthday.  They hosted a lovely birthday party in our backyard.  It really was not difficult to capture Geneva's cake eating skills on film...she cooperated very well!  It's hard to believe that Louisa will be celebrating "smashed cake style" in a little over 8 months.  Just like EVERYONE tells me, it goes by so fast - so appreciate it!  I know every child is unique, but if it really just goes by way too fast, we can always have another one, right? :)

Geneva greets Louisa: "Someday you'll turn one too"

Focusing on the sweet, sweet things in life
Vegetable garden cake to celebrate a Cizek family hobby
Sugar coma sets in

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