Monday, April 11, 2011

Nesting? Really? Yep.

37.5 weeks

I've arrived at that time in the pregnancy when I can truly say, "any day now! or maybe 4 more weeks?!" There really is no way to tell. I'm having lots of "practice contractions," but those are also known as "false labor." For now, I feel fine - not too uncomfortable and not too anxious. Hypnobirthing has really been awesome - it has taught me to relax.

This whole notion of nesting doesn't really seem to apply to me because I feel like I've been nesting (which includes cleaning, organizing and checking things off lists) since I was born. BUT, that being said, I can't deny that I felt extra satisfied this past weekend when I got through my list of things to do which included:

1. Scrub soap build-up off shower rack
2. Install car seat
3. Plant Christmas tree (we got a live one that has been sitting in its pot, turning brown)
4. Switch glass doors with screen doors (it was 80 degrees on Sunday!)
5. Sweep front porch
6. Bring outdoor furniture down from the attic
7. Wash newborn outfits, baby blankets, and crib sheets
8. Hang shelf for diapers and wipes
9. Buy crib mattress

So now Baby Bosscher can really come anytime because the car seat is installed and the nursery is ready!


  1. Oh my gosh Alicia the baby's room is fantastic! Beautiful job!

  2. Wow! You and the baby's room are beautiful! The crib looks so ready for the baby. By the way - last night in my dream your baby was a girl. I can't wait to see you guys again. Miss you.


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