Saturday, May 8, 2010

300 Miles July 29 - August 1

The farthest I ever rode a bike in one day was 40 miles. That was a few weeks after getting my bike...a gift from lovely husband-to-be, at the time. Now I have 2 bikes. After riding my heavy commuter bike around town, I realized how much I LOVE my eBay bike that Nate gave me - its black, light, and as far as bikes go, I think it's hot.

That's part of the reason I just signed up to ride 300 miles in 3 1/2 days. The other reason is that I like my job - working as a dietitian and treatment support services coordinator at AIDS Network. One of the ways that AIDS Network raises money is by hosting a 300 mile bike ride every summer. Each rider is required to raise $1200. Lots of people raise more than that, but for our first ride, Nate and I are shooting for the minimum. Who knows - maybe we'll raise more.

If you would like to donate, visit our donation page:

We'll get some biking pictures up soon!

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