Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Come Let's Dance Trip Pictures!

I finally got to upload the pictures from the last two weeks. The internet here at work is mind-numbingly slow, so it takes a little while to get all the pictures up and organized. I’ve divided the pictures from our project trip into five different sets. I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking, but I wanted to at least provide a small introduction to each. You should be able to click on the picture to see the whole set.

We had a lot of fun
taking pictures on this trip, I hope you enjoy them!

eMi East Africa – Come Let’s Dance Project Trip

CLD018 - The Three Amigos, originally uploaded by Nate Bosscher.

Come Let’s Dance is a ministry that was founded by an American filmmaker, Shane Gilbert, after she visited Uganda to film a documentary about street kid ministries. The ministry serves the poor and destitute of Kampala through a kid’s home, micro-finance and micro-business support, vocational training, and church ministries. It was really fantastic getting to be apart of the work they do. I was amazed at how grounded Come Let’s Dance seemed. They approached problems with realistic goals and expectations and it seems like they have been very successful so far.

Come Let’s Dance recently purchased a 20-acres plot of land, which they want to turn into a farm to feed 60 “orphans” at their kids home. They also hope to create a vocational school on the farm to train young men trade and farming skills. CLD does a similar thing with a guesthouse they use to train 8 young women at a time to become house help.

Amigos Site Visit

Amigos007 - Big Cow, originally uploaded by Nate Bosscher.

The Amigos Farm is a site that eMi (with Adam Both) designed a few years ago. It is very similar in scope to what Come Let’s Dance hopes to have for their farm. We spent an afternoon early in the trip touring the farm and asking lots of questions about agriculture in Uganda.

Katanga Slums Visit with Come Let’s Dance

Katanga006 - Slum Kids 5, originally uploaded by Nate Bosscher.

Many of the children came from the Katanga Slums on the north side of Kampala. Come Let’s Dance has started helping some mothers in the slum through micro-loans and micro-business opportunities. We had the opportunity to meet some of these women in their “homes” and to see what Ugandan slums look like. The kids seemed happy, but the poverty and filth these people are forced to live in is pretty horrible.

Team Trip to Jinja

Following our final presentation of our work to Come Let’s Dance, we took a two-day trip to Jinja to relax and recover.

East African Birds #2

As part of a trip to Jinja, we went on a boat trip to the source of the Nile River. We got to see tons of birds and we were able to get up close to some of them.

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