Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Upcoming eMi Projects

It looks like I am going to be involved in at least three different eMi projects in Uganda this fall.  As I have very limited civil and structural engineering experience, I hope to learn a ton.  In addition to engineering work, I will be helping as a graphic designer and photographer for a couple of the projects; working to create fund raising materials.

Below are brief descriptions of each of the projects which I have gotten from the project leaders.

Sufficiency of Scripture:
We will be travelling about 2 1/2 hours North of Kampala to Luwero to work with a ministry called Sufficiency of Scripture (sosministries.com) who has recently purchased 100 acres with plans of building a ministry training center, primary and secondary schools, long and short-term missionary housing facilities and a ministry/worship center for the nearby community.  They are in the process of clearing the portions of the site where they intend to build so we can survey the land during the trip.  The site is an amazing piece of property that is beautiful African 'bush' and jungle.

Come Let's Dance:
We will be working with a group of architects and engineers in order to complete the design for a Farm Project for Come, Let's Dance (www.comeletsdance.org).  The property is approximately 20 acres and the ministry has the vision of implementing organic farming techniques to produce food and income for the associated community while emphasizing education, training, and empowerment. The goal of the design is to provide a working farm that fits within the local culture while still being a catalyst for positive change.  The farm will provide food and funding for orphans under the care of Come Let's Dance, training and support for individuals within the community to become more sustainable, as well as providing some housing for the poor.

During the project trip we'll provide a master plan for the site and architectural design for the first couple of buildings that will be constructed. We will design the site layout in such a manner as to allow multiple phases of construction over the course of the next few months or years.  Additional information on the project is located at http://emiea.org/projects/projectprofile_9072.shtm.

Construction Management Trip:
I will be joining a number of construction managers visiting from overseas on a tour of eMi's construction sites in Uganda.  There are two main goals for this trip.  The first is to see and experience construction management in Africa first hand.  This will be done by visiting both locations in Uganda where EMI has mobilized a construction manager.  At one of these sites we will stay for a few days and get our hands dirty with some actual construction.  The second goal of the trip is to visit potential construction sites to see the need these ministries have for a qualified construction manager.

As I learn more about these and other projects I might be involved in, I will update the blog.

5 more days!

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